The year of bliss!!

Hello my faithful followers! Some changes are being made to WriteOn! Journaling’s website. Keep your eyes and email inboxes open!!

Additionally, I have a magnificent announcement to make:

Some of you know…and some of you, not just yet! I am licensed to facilitate #DesireMap workshops!! I could not be more excited. If you haven’t ‘liked’ my WriteOn! Journaling fb page yet, go to fb… WriteOn! Journaling and like me! Cuz I am just likeable, right? I will be sending out personal invites and creating a group and event page, once the details are more clear….You can find the begining details on my WriteOn! Journaling fb page to see what the heck I am talking about, and for ease of use… here is the post as well:

OK, so the plan is in motion. We will be hosting some easy breezy, fun 2day workshops in town over the coming year – BUT the mother of all #DesireMap retreats will be coming in early Spring (and likely every quarter thereafter)!! Plans are in the works for a weekend you WILL NOT EVER FORGET! Can you imagine…FOOD, tons of gourmet FOOD!, Wine, amazing NV wines, tastings, soul-searching and finding, hiking trips, bike rides, more wine poolside!, friends made from strangers we just met, more FOOD!!, discovering our #CoreDesiredFeelings based on Danielle LaPorte ‘s book, #TheDesireMap! I promise, it will not get much better than this! Stay Tuned for more details soon on their way!!


Desire Map Book Club Napa, CA & Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

I’ll be hosting a book club event in January 2014 as part if Danielle LaPorte’s Worlds Biggest Book Club. We will be focusing in her book, ‘The Desire Map’ and discussing core desired feelings, goal setting and gratitude as a practice. It’s going to blow you away! This stuff is
unbelievably amazing!!