The year of bliss!!

Hello my faithful followers! Some changes are being made to WriteOn! Journaling’s website. Keep your eyes and email inboxes open!!

Additionally, I have a magnificent announcement to make:

Some of you know…and some of you, not just yet! I am licensed to facilitate #DesireMap workshops!! I could not be more excited. If you haven’t ‘liked’ my WriteOn! Journaling fb page yet, go to fb… WriteOn! Journaling and like me! Cuz I am just likeable, right? I will be sending out personal invites and creating a group and event page, once the details are more clear….You can find the begining details on my WriteOn! Journaling fb page to see what the heck I am talking about, and for ease of use… here is the post as well:

OK, so the plan is in motion. We will be hosting some easy breezy, fun 2day workshops in town over the coming year – BUT the mother of all #DesireMap retreats will be coming in early Spring (and likely every quarter thereafter)!! Plans are in the works for a weekend you WILL NOT EVER FORGET! Can you imagine…FOOD, tons of gourmet FOOD!, Wine, amazing NV wines, tastings, soul-searching and finding, hiking trips, bike rides, more wine poolside!, friends made from strangers we just met, more FOOD!!, discovering our #CoreDesiredFeelings based on Danielle LaPorte ‘s book, #TheDesireMap! I promise, it will not get much better than this! Stay Tuned for more details soon on their way!!


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