The Cobwebs Are Clearing

For fun, I thought I would sign up for a class that would be a means of support, community and mostly (for me) accountability.  You see, I have some projects that need to get done, and they involve a lot of writing. Odd for me, I know! We are asked some questions each day about our daily writing experience. We rate how things went. When asked how my ‘creative well’ was to be rated, I started with a 3, murky with cobwebs. I don’t know if it is because maybe I am spread too thin, or because I journal regularly for my own personal well being, but I don’t easily show up to just write and get projects done. Research for hours, that I can do. Making a b-zillion phone calls, that I can do. You name it to distract me from actually doing the writing project…consider that distraction done! I tell myself,  ‘I am developing my ideas’ while I busy about with the tasks…

It’s very interesting to me the number of people in my ‘community’ during this class, that struggle with the same. We avoid the very thing we want to do, like it is the latest flu outbreak. We give negative self talk around it, meaning before, during and even after (assuming we do eventually get around to the writing). We make it quite complicated. Quite ‘to be feared/dreaded’.

All of this causes me to reflect on how many other times in my life, I have followed the same pattern. Gheez the number of times are unbearable to think about. And when I look back at the outcome of varying moments, I realize one thing that I am also finding in this workshop. There is only one step that is needed to transcend the trepidation. ONE thing! Are you ready for it? ~ JUST SHOW UP! My creative well soared to 7 just moments after the very first writing session.

Practice for a few journaling days to name 3 times that you were hesitant to just do what needed to be done. Big or small. Folding laundry, to having that confrontational conversation. Just name the event, and write the eventual outcome. List how many ‘more important’ tasks you found yourself doing. See if you notice a pattern perhaps. See if you get an ‘aha this is interesting’. Remind yourself of (most likely) how smoothly the eventual outcome went, and how accomplished you felt once it was tackled and completed. Use what you find in your journaling session to take with you throughout your day, and see if you can be reminded how worthwhile it is to JUST SHOW UP for the dreaded tasks!

Peace and love!


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